Trading at Port Beach

We are very exciting to announce that we are trading first time at North Fremantle Beach (port beach) today lunch (1st, Feb) from 12pm – 3:00pm.

We will be at South port Beach car park or North Port Beach Car park if the car park is not full. Due to the council regulation, only 2 food vehicle allowed per location so we could be trading different location around that area (Leighton beach or North South beach).

We will update if the alpha pharma australia location has change so please follow us on facebook!

Please come down to enjoy our Japanese street food! We got special desert menu for tomorrow!

Photo: Kakigori (shaved ice)

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Chinese New Year

Happy Chinese New Year!

Japanese doesn’t have culture to celebrate Chinese New Year but we will celebrate at Elizabeth Quay Perth CBD!! We will be trading from 6:00pm – 9:30pm on Friday (3th, Feb) and 10AM – 4:00PM on Sunday (5th, Feb)!

Please come down to celebrate Chinese New Year!

Photo: Taiyaki (Sweet fish shape cake)
We eat this “Taiyaki” when “MEDETAI” (mean “happy and joyful” in Japanese).

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